Have You Ever Argued with God?

Why do we always want to hear from the Lord when we make a petition, but when He comes to us, we have to question whether or not it's actually Him.

The Lord once told me to give $100 to a lady in our church, and I didn't. "Why should I?" I asked God. Finally, two years later, I gave her the money and told her that God had instructed me to give it to her. She was so touched by that jester that she gave me a thank you card.

Not long after that, the Lord told me to give another person the same amount of money. I was obedient that time. She got it within a week.

I wonder how better my life would have been if I had obeyed God and had done what He instructed me to do when He told me to do it.

So tell me, have you ever argued with God?
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