Saints and Celebrities

The world has enough celebrities. It could use a few more saints.”

-from If I Really Wanted to Grow Closer to God I Would

So, if you have a television set then you’ve seen reality shows. People with too much time on their hands, with a strong desire for fame (and a few dollar bills), who will do anything to win a contest, or win a man’s or a woman’s heart, or win the crown of the baddest girl in the club.

But there are also those in God’s kingdom who wish to be celebrities. They’re the ones who volunteer in the church, not for God’s Kingdom, but to be seen. They give, not for God’s Kingdom, but so they can boast.

This thing call life is our arena, but being phony, especially in God’s Kingdom, leads to people on the outside thinking that all Christians are a certain way when we're not.