What God Hears

Recently, I was cleaning out a binder that I have and I came across a piece of paper dated 9/16/2006. As I read it, I remembered that day clearly, though I had forgotten that I had made notes.

On that date, some members from the church I attended, and I, had went out into the community for our monthly Fisherman's Ministry.

Having obtained permission from the apartment manager, we went around to the doors of the residents of the complex.

Below are some of the things that we heard that day, and I'm going to write it exactly like I wrote it on the piece of paper.

  • Shemeka W: 20's. Black female. 3 months pregnant. Boyfriend locked up. Broke his leg. Missed court. Child support. His brother wanted $200. She gave him $25. Gas money. He cussed her out. She's cooking. She said she needed us. 2 bibles. Read Psalm 91. Crying.
  • Woman: 60's. Black female. Pray for her. Daughter died. Diabetes.
  • Woman: 20's-30's. 5 kids. About to be evicted. Crying. She's on the porch with 2 other women. Let go of my hand to wipe away her tears.
  • Cedric: 20's-30's. 6 month old son, Jr. First child. Pray for the mother of the child, for them to get along. Wants to be there. Be a man.

This is what God hears every day.
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