God's Promotion

If God doesn’t promote you, you're not promoted.

I can’t promote myself. You can’t promote yourself. Only God can. That’s why whenever something good happens to us we give praise to God and Him only. The only thing that man can go for us is have favor on us.

Many people seem to think that because they have been to seminary school or are called by God (or their daddy) or have been saved for 30 years that they should be first in line to get a promotion from Him.

Wrong. Promotion comes from being faithful and qualified.

I often ask myself why is it that pastors and leadership have to beg people to do anything? Whether it’s cleaning the church or raising money for a special project or evangelizing, no one should have to be prodded to do anything in God’s kingdom, but should readily be there with their time, money and abilities. We shouldn’t have to be begged to do something. If a man has to beg his wife to keep the house clean then there is something wrong with the relationship. But God always take care of those who are about His business.

When I first started attending church I was a bench warmer, but when a person loves the Lord they show it; by being faithful, doing thing for Him, and spending time with Him.