Laugh Today, Cry Tomorrow

One day, I was on my lunch break when I overheard three women having a conversation.

One of the ladies was four months pregnant with her first child and asked the other two women what was required to get public assistance.

The other two women started bragging about how they were cheating the system by having fake pay stubs made to get significantly reduced daycare (they were paying $7 a week as opposed to $60-$70 that they should have been paying based on their real income).

I couldn't do anything but shake my head. 

Because they are laughing today, spending that “extra” money on shoes, clothes, hair weaves, fake nails, etc., but not thinking that tomorrow could be the day that it all comes crumbling down.

Being deceitful is not a character trait to be proud of and is definitely not something you should want your children to imitate.
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