Where was God during the shooting in Aurora, Colorado?

Where was God you ask? God was where He always is – on the throne.

Man's inhumanity and disbelief will never stop God from being where He is. People always want to question God as to why He doesn't step in and prevent this from happening to begin with.

What people need to realize is that God sent angels to protect most of the people in that theater or else the death toll would have been higher than it was, even though 12 dead is still too many.

We'll find out later what drove this young man to do this, but people really need to learn to trust their instinct and recognize signs. 

Destructive behavior is a cry for help that too many people ignore until it's too late.
1 comment on "Where was God during the shooting in Aurora, Colorado?"
  1. Let me try to understand this. Angels protected some but not all. God doesn't directly help people in need but does help some who are already gifted,like Tevow? When a good miricle? happens it is God who did it. When something bad happens his helpers are not all that effective.

    I could invent a better God then that. This God really is a son-of-a-bitch.