Remember What It Means to Have the Lord in Your Life

So, I've been reading this book on inspirational poems and sayings and came across this one and thought I would share it with you. Read it and enjoy. 

Remember What It Means to Have the Lord in Your Life

Having the Lord and your life means that you have peace and comfort in your heart as you walk down any pathway your life has to offer.

It means you can pray to a caring and compassionate Father who always has the time to listen who-who never fails to understand the hurts and fears that are dwelling in the depths of your soul.

Having the Lord and your life means having the assurance that nothing can ever come your way that you and He, united together, cannot deal with and ultimately overcome. Everything though tears, hurt, and painful times have come and undoubtedly will continue to happen, you can know that He has His hand in everything, and things will always work out for your good. 

It means that you can be assured, with no uncertainty, that you will be given the strength to endure anything that happens to you, and you will become a better person. 

Even though all of these blessings are crucial to our day-to-day existence on this earth, they are small compared to the promise of spending an eternity in His presence. 

Therefore, what it means to have the Lord in your life is knowing the blessed hope of tomorrow and the glorious promise of heaven that He has prepared for us!
                                                       - Cathy Beddow Keener
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