Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Steps To Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator is Now Available!

I’ve just completed a new booklet titled Steps To Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator.

This is a follow-up to Steps To Becoming a Medical Secretary - A Step-by-Step Guide to Working in a Hospital.

This is not just another book that lists suggestions. I actually put all of these tips into action – and I share that information with you!

Subjects include:

  1. Calling in Consultants – how to keep track of all of the calls that you put out.
  2. Dating A Co Worker – should you do this – if you're single? And should everyone know?
  3. Getting Things Fixed – who are you gonna call when that call light won't stop ringing?
  4. Medication Order - are you responsible for putting these orders in?
  5. Use of Email - should you use the company’s email system to send chain letters?

Want more? Order your copy today!

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