A Night Out as a Health Unit Coordinator

This year I had the opportunity to attend my job's Dinner & Employee Awards Ceremony. We get honored for every five years of service. This was my first time going as a Health Unit Coordinator

The dress code was formal. I spent an hour and a half at the store trying on dresses before I finally settled on a wine-colored lace one. 

I should have spent an hour and a half trying on shoes because the shoes that I bought hurt my feet.  

I arrived at the venue (which was at a hotel right across from the beach). The line to valet park was long, but I must admit that the hotel was ready for us. My date for the evening was a good male friend of mine. By the time he arrived, there were no valet parking spots available, and he had to park his car along the street. While he was parking his car, I was getting my picture taken by a professional photographer. 

The Ballroom was decked out and pretty much filled, so I had to find two empty seats quickly. 

As they started calling the names of those who were there, we nibbled on our salads and drank water.

Finally, my name was called, and I hobbled to the front of the ballroom and received my pin and had my picture taken. I was asked if I planned on being there for my 10th year and I answered, "Yes." 

The main meal was served as they continued to call names. 

Finally, it was time to dance, and when I tell you that the dance floor was packed that is an understatement. Songs from Robin Thicke to Michael Jackson to the Cupid Shuffle to reggae, it didn't matter. I sat there watching old and young, black and white dancing the night away. It was amazing. 

My date and I slipped out early, taking a walk along the beach. 

My co-workers and I all needed that night. 

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