What to Do During Downtime as a Health Unit Coordinator? (Video)

There are a few things that I can recommend that you do during downtime at work.

1. Go through the patient's charts and make sure that they have enough face sheets and labels. Also, make sure that the right patient's information is in the right chart.

2. Sanitize the nursing station. Remove as much as you can and do a thorough cleaning.

3. Go through the drawers and throw away outdated forms.  Get a binder and put the most used forms in there for easy access for everyone.

4. Clean and organize the workstation. Are there post-it notes all over the place?  A random piece of paper with a doctor's cell number on it taped to the computer screen? Get an empty binder and put all phones numbers in a book.

5. Make sure all supplies are stocked. Running low on pens and markers? Write it down and let someone know. Out of applesauce for the patients? Let someone know.

6. Read up on hospital policies. Do you know why I know so much? All of the hospital policies are on the hospital's intranet and when times are slow, I read up on them.

7. Straighten up the pantry or breakroom. Label the drawers and cabinets so that anyone who walks in there will know where everything is. 

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