Why Does Gossip Exist In The Workplace? (Video)

Why is there gossip in the workplace? This is something that Dave Ramsey hates, but there are 4 reasons, in my opinion, as to why it exists. 

No Transparency. The communication between management and staff is little to nonexistent. The only way the employees learn about what’s going on in the company, good or bad, is through the employees whispering to each other.

Favoritism. The employees see that certain coworkers are always in the boss’s office (or behind) and they get away with doing no work, coming in late or calling off excessively and there are no consequences. This upsets those who see it and while in the breakroom eating lunch, they gripe about it with each other.

Suggestions are Ignored. In meetings, when employees are asked for their input regarding specific issues, it is disregarded. Why did you ask then?

Not Enough Work. If there is not a lot of work for the employees to do, they turn around in their chairs and talk to their neighbors. And what are the topics of discussion? How there’s no transparency, favoritism, and how suggestions are ignored.
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