My Adventure in the OR as a Unit Secretary (Video)

In the above video, I'll share with you my adventure in the OR supply room, a place that I had never been to, but the two surgeons were depending on me.

In the ICU, the Neurosurgeon decided that he needed to do a bedside procedure on the patient. He had a General/Vascular Surgeon in the room with him. They realized that they needed a piece of equipment and it was located in the main Operating Room's supply closet.  

It was a Sunday afternoon and the main OR was running on a skeleton crew, and so was the ICU. There was only one person who could leave the unit to go get the part.


But I had never been down in the main OR, let alone to the supply room, but there I was gowning up and taking the special elevator down. 

I could hear people talking as they were performing surgery. 

I found the supply room and walked on in. I knew the name of what I was looking for, but after what seemed like forever I couldn't find it.   

I took the elevator back up to the ICU and placed a housecall to an OR Tech that I know, who had worked down in the main OR when times were slow in the other OR.  She knew where the equipment was located and was willing to talk me to it. 

So, I grabbed a portable hospital telephone, gowned up again, and took the special elevator back down to the OR. 

Even though the reception was fuzzy, she talked me to the piece of equipment needed. I grabbed two different sizes and up the elevator, I went. 

I took it into the patient's room where everyone was waiting. That's when General/Vascular Surgeon realized they needed something else from the supply room!

But this time he decided to go with me because he knew exactly what it was called and what it looked like. 

So together, the two of us gowned up and rode the elevator down to the OR. It did take us a minute to find it, but we did.

All in total, I spent about an hour from the first time I went down to when I was finally able to sit back down and answer the ringing telephone. 
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