Different Patient Types (Excerpt From Steps to Becoming a Medical Secretary)


You will also experience different types of patients. You will have an elderly patient. You will have a noncompliant diabetic patient. You will have the seriously ill. You will have a patient that was in a traumatic car accident. You will have drug addicts. You will have smokers that leave the unit a thousand times a day to go outside and smoke. 

It will be hard for you to understand why some people are in the hospital when it seems like they do not want to be helped.

Some people go to the hospital because they need a place to stay. You will see a lot of homeless people that treat the hospital as a hotel. They do have a legitimate health issue, but they do not take care of themselves. Sometimes it is because they lack money or insurance.

All of this comes with the territory.

This is something that you will have to get used to. Personally, when I see patients who are frequent flyers, it upsets me, but I do understand that they do have medical issues.

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