Maintaining Hazard Free Work Environment (Video)

There are ways you can help keep your unit hazard-free.

Place wet floor signs on the floor if you spot anything spilled on the floor. Of course, you should try to wipe it up first.

Make sure the hallways are equipment free. Usually, the only thing you will see plugged in the hallway are mobile blood pressure machines that the CNAs use when they are attending to the patients and a COW (computer on wheels).
Make sure that small garbage cans are out of the walkway and are tucked under the counter at the nursing station. 

Getting Charts Ready for Medical Records (Video)

When a patient is discharged and you break down the chart, where do you keep the paperwork for Medical Records to come and get?

I’ll give you a hint in the video above.  

Maintaining Department Security (Video)

Though you are not solely responsible for the security of your department, you can do your part to make sure that no harm comes to you, your coworkers, or the patients. 

Make sure that doors that are to be closed and locked are closed and locked.

Ensure that there are no doors are propped open. Not only for security reasons, but it can be a fire hazard if the door is supposed to close when the fire alarm is activated.

If there is a door that should have a lock on it, but it doesn’t speak up and say something.

Even stairwells can pose a threat. If there is a door that leads from the outside to your unit (employees or patients who smoke may keep the door propped open to make it easier to reenter the building) that can be an issue if people have bad intentions.

What Comes After the Pandemic? The 6 Stages of a Disaster (Video)

The pandemic that we are seeing didn't just happen overnight. Anytime that there is a "disaster," there are phases to it.

  1. Pre-disaster Phase
  2. Impact Phase
  3. Heroic Phase
  4. Honeymoon Phase
  5. Disillusionment Phase
  6. Reconstruction Phase

In this video, I'll explain what those phases are and how they apply to those in the medical field, the United States, and the world.  

The Coronavirus and the DNR Ethical Dilemma (Video)

Hospitals across the country - and the world - are having to face an ethical question when faced with this pandemic and a shortage of ventilators and PPE. Who lives and who dies?

I also talk about how some medical facilities conduct temperature checks on visitors and employees and how the Governor of Florida is ordering all residents fleeing New York to Florida to self-quarantine for 14 days. Let’s see how well this turns out. 

The Coronavirus and the Unit Secretary (Video)

In this video, I talk about everything that I see as this outbreak continues. 

Precepting Student Unit Secretaries (Video)

Some student unit secretaries maybe teens or they may be adults doing their clinical. 

My motto has always been to let them "become me" and not simply watch me. The students I trained never got to see the "good stuff" they used to say to me. They barely saw a Code Blue happen. They usually came in on the tail end of open-heart surgery. 

To mediate that, if there was a Code Blue on our sister floor, I would take them. Of course, they wouldn't be in the room in the way, but they would be close enough to see some action. 

That's the nature of the beast of a hospital. It can be nice and quiet for hours and then the shit hits the fan. 

Train the student Unit Secretaries to be you so that they'll be ready just like you are. 
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