Waiting on God

People need to learn the difference between a calling and separation.

I remember when I was told by the pastor’s wife that I was to marry a ministry gift (unsure what kind). She said that I needed to start spending time with her so that I could prepare (she, of course, was married to a ministry gift and was willing to share with me what I needed to know).

I needed to be separated.

So I started attending preparation classes for being married, but I was so anxious, and when he didn’t come right away (or at least me knowing who it was) I grew weary, gave up and moved away.

That’s why when someone asks if you know what your calling is, the answer can be yes. But the question should be, are we in position to fulfill it? I think most people who have a calling are so anxious for it to be fulfilled that they don’t want to wait and get prepared for it so that they can serve God’s kingdom to the fullest.

How many men have been legitimately called by God to be pastors of churches, but decided to go ahead of God and started their churches? How many women have been married to ministry gifts and left them while they were going through seminary school and now another woman is reaping the benefits?

That may be why the body of Christ is in the shape that’s in now - we don’t want to wait.
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