Gospel Tracts With A Twist #1 (Video)

The booklet contains short, fictional stories describing the dilemmas that believers face when confronted with temptations - and biblical truth.

The booklet ends with a thought-provoking story exposing Satan's plan for believers.

Contains the following stories:
Lunchtime Debate: A mysterious guy enters the break room where a group of friends is having lunch. The conversation soon turns from religious freedom in the workplace to a debate on religion itself.

Quick Riches: It's Super Bowl Sunday and a mysterious guy talks to a recovering gambler and new Christian about the temptations of quick riches. Who will win this test – riches or Christ?

Keep Her Quiet: A mysterious guy confronts a mistress about her relationship with a married man. Is this the push that she needs to end the relationship?

Satan’s Convention (additional dialogue by J Marie): Satan called a worldwide meeting with his demons to lay out his plans to destroy every Christians' relationship with God.

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