Are Health Unit Coordinators Still Necessary? (Video)

Technology is the biggest unknown. Any day now, Health Unit Coordinators could all be replaced. It's not a matter of if, but when.

Hospital administration seems to think that the job can be done by any. They believe that all being a medical secretary entails is "answering the telephone." Sometimes medical terminology is not even a prerequisite for the job anymore. When they are in the process of hiring, they say to themselves, "that any monkey can be trained to answer the telephone."

But that is not true. It takes multitasking, working under stressful situations, dealing with multiple people and their personalities, and constant interruptions. They personally do way more than just "answer the telephone." They will take specimens down to the laboratory. They assist in wheeling patients out to the car when they are discharged. They pick up blood products to get a blood transfusion; they sometimes sit in the rooms with the patients.

Sometimes, Health Unit Clerks are required to "answer the telephones" and know how to read EKG monitors.  

When layoffs are announced, medical secretaries are included because they do not value them.

But you and I know that Health Unit Coordinators are the glue that holds the different medical units and medical departments together.

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