How To Pray For A President: Inauguration Day (Video)

Charles Stanley wrote this, and I thought that I would share it with you. No matter what your political beliefs are, as Christians, we should always pray for those in authority.

How to Pray for a President
  1. Realize that he has been given that position by either God's choice or His permissive will.
  2. Recognize his personal inadequacy for the task and look to God for the wisdom, knowledge, and courage to succeed.
  3. Restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness, and righteousness to the presidency.
  4. Readily forsake his political career and his personal ambitions if doing so would be in the best interest of the country.
  5. Reverse the destructive trends of atheism and humanism that try to dethrone God, deify man, and lead to an ungodly society.
  6. Respect and obey the Constitution - the protector of our freedoms.
  7. Reject all counsel that weakens our defenses against aggressors or endorses agreements that would do so in the future.
  8. Refuse to promote a way of life in which citizens become increasingly dependent on the government for their needs.
  9. Remember that he is accountable to Almighty God for his attitudes, motives, behaviors, and decisions.
  10. Resolve to help the nation again become a place for creativity, security, national pride, and individual prosperity, where God is recognized as the Source of all of our blessings.

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