5 More Quick Tips For The Trainer of New Health Unit Coordinators

Last week, I listed 5 tips for the trainer of new Health Unit Coordinators to use.

This week I'm back with 5 more.
  1. As the training is winding down, be there, but be there in the background. If they ask you a question that you know that they know the answer to, do not reply. Let the silence be the answer. Let them use their brain to remember what it is that you've taught them. They're going to need to use it when you are not there.
  2. Whatever the reason, always encourage them to be honest with you and the boss regarding any issues.
  3. Let them know that you are available for them after the training is over. Give them your personal telephone number or email address.
  4. Understand that you may not be a good trainer for them. It may be that your personality or your voice is harsh. Or they may just feel uncomfortable with you.
  5. Some trainers set out to sabotage the new HUC for job security. Example: The trainer will intentionally not teach the new trainee everything that they need to know. This, in turn, leads the nurses, doctors, and CNAs/PCAs to yell at them. This, in turn, leads to the HUC having doubts about their skills. This, in turn, leads them to start to call out. That, in turn, leads to them being let go or quitting. And the ball was set in motion by the trainer who wanted the trainee gone so that they could work more overtime and get more money.

    Don't be that person.

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