Do You Really Need to Know Medical Terminology to Become a Health Unit Coordinator? (Video)

Last week I told you that I had just completed a new booklet titled Steps To Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator. Below I will continue to give you a sneak peek.

This is a follow-up to Steps To Becoming a Medical Secretary - A Step-by-Step Guide to Working in a Hospital.

This is not just another book that lists suggestions. I actually put all of these tips into action – and I share that information with you!

Subjects include:
  1. Awards and Recognition – do you live for the award and recognition that comes with a job well done, or do you go to work, do your job and go home?
  2. Consent Forms – what to make sure is listed on a consent form.
  3. Frustrated at Work? - read my list of things to do to calm yourself down.
  4. Medical Terminology - do you really need to know it?
  5. Telephones/Call Lights - do you let them ring 10 times, or do you grab them promptly?

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