How to Handle Being Written Up as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

Have you ever been written up at work?
I have.
It was during my first year as a Health Unit Coordinator when a doctor who was upset at me because the person at HIS answering service didn't take all of the necessary information for the consult that I had called in. The doctor had that person at the answering service fired and he wanted me fired too.
My manager instead decided to write me up.
Now things like that you just let it roll off of your back.

But when you are getting called into the office and getting multiple write-ups, then it might be time to start looking for a new job or it's time to go on the offense especially if you have not done anything wrong and are being treated unfairly.
I had to do this when I started getting dragged into the office because of “unnamed” coworkers complaining about me.
That's when I started doing my “Chain of Command”.
I would type out everything that was happening in the unit and give a copy to my boss, a copy to their boss and a copy to Human Resources.
Nine times out of ten my boss didn't have any documentation of the allegations against me. It was just “unnamed” coworkers saying that I did this or that I did that.
But when I had dates, times and places of incidents that did happen (all that could be verified) and used the terms “harassment” and “retaliation” Human Resources would intervene and investigate.
A write up I nothing more than a paper trail to defend themselves against you if things go south. That's why you must create a paper trail to defend yourself against them.
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