I Don't Want To Be a Health Unit Coordinator Anymore

I've been feeling this way for some time now. There were times where I thought that I was working way too hard at work and that I was the only one working.

So I had to ask and answer a few questions. Should I leave? No. Do I want to be here? Yes/No. Am I burnt out? No. Is my personal life interfering with my work life? No. Am I frustrated? Yes. Do I see the light at the end of the tunnel? Yes.

I decided to reread the booklet I wrote titled I Hate My Job, But I'm Scared to Leave, and I had to apply some of the techniques.

  • Appreciate that you are gainfully employed, and I had to remind myself that I am gainfully employed and have been at this company for over six years.
  • Update your resume. I updated my resume, and my former coworker called me about a job opening that her new employer had.  
  • Change your schedule. I changed my work schedule that I had been working for three years. Some people weren't happy and even questioned me about who was going to work that day. "Not me," is all I said.  
  • Use your proper chain of command. A coworker is annoying, and most of the other employees can't stand her, but they tolerate her. I don't tolerate annoying people. I ignore them. And she doesn't like that, so I have to defend myself against her lies every now and then. And that's when I do my chain of command.  
  • Take some time off. I've started scheduling my vacation every 12 weeks. Extra-long stretches of being inside of a hospital aren't healthy for me.  I love where I work, and I believe some great things are in store, even though it is merging with another company. And after taking some time to myself, I realized that I wanted to learn more. I feel stagnant. I'm too comfortable, and that's not me. I don't want to look up 20 years from now and have regrets. So, I decided to enroll in a class to enhance my medical secretary skills. I'm going to take advantage of evening classes. A coworker even told me they could see me running an office and not just a unit.

So, I realized that learning more doesn’t require me to leave. So all I have to do is freshen up on skills that I already have and get out there and just do it.
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