What Goes on the Outside of a Patient’s Charts? (Video)

These are the things that need to go to the front of the chart:

*A sticker where you write the patient’s Last Name (I never put the first name or the first initial unless there are multiple patients with the same last name), and the Doctor’s name.

*An allergy sticker (even if the patient does not have any allergies, you will just write NKDA/NKFA which stands for No Known Drug Allergy/No Known Food Allergy).

*A sticker that has the room number for the patient.

*If necessary, any Seizure, Aspiration, or Fall Precaution stickers.

*If necessary, a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) sticker.

*If necessary, an Isolation sticker.

*If necessary, a Name Alert sticker if there is more than one patient with the same last name. 

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