The 4 Types of Orders and the Unit Secretary (Video)

There are 4 types of orders that Unit Secretaries will see daily. 

One Time or Short Series Orders. An Echocardiograph is a perfect example of a onetime order. Once completed, it does not have to be repeated, unless a new order is put in. An H&H is a perfect example of short series order. It will look something like this: H&H q 6h x3. This is a onetime order, but it is also for a short period of time.

PRN Orders. These are orders that given as needed. The medication Zofran is a classic example. It is used to treat nausea and vomiting. If a person is experiencing nausea on and off, then this medication will be given only when the patient is experiencing nausea.
Standing Orders. These are orders that remain the same until a doctor or a nurse comes along and changes it. A perfect example of this is a diet order.
Stat Orders. Any and everything can be a stat order. A lab, a medication, a procedure, or test can be ordered stat. And usually, when something is a stat, that is not good. That means that something is going wrong or has gone wrong.

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