Calling Clergy as a Unit Secretary (Video)

There are times when a patient/family will request clergy. When the patient is dying or if it's the patient's holy day. 

Every unit had a bookbinder that lists all the local clergy of different religions and denominations, their locations, telephone numbers, and the contact person's name. 

Once I have the right information from the patient/family, I'll get the book and place the call.  Sometimes, I'll have to leave a voicemail, and sometimes I'll speak with someone from the house of worship and provide the name of the hospital, the name of the patient, their Room Number, and the reason (dying or a holy day). That person will usually give me an estimated time that the clergy will arrive. 

Sometimes, I'll go into the room and inform the family or I'll let the nurse know and let them pass it on. 

It's that simple. 
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