Nursing Home Employees Must Take The Vaccine. Will Hospital Employees Be Next? (Video)

President Joe Biden has mandated that nursing homes require their employees to be vaccinated or risk losing their Medicare funding.

We'll discuss if this mandate will be coming soon to a hospital near you.

Should Hospital Security Guards Carry Tasers? (VIdeo)

I read an article in Becker's Hospital Review regarding Piedmont Healthcare hospitals equipping their hospital security guards with tasers and body cameras to combat violence within the medical facilities. 

Even Though You Have Access (Video)

Even though you have access to the patients' personal private medical information, you shouldn't look at it. 

HIPAA is drummed into those of us who work in the medical field, but for some people, the fear of fines and possible jail time doesn't scare them. 

How To Negotiate Your Salary as a Unit Secretary (Video)

A viewer wanted some advice on negotiating the salary for a new position that she is applying for at the company she already works at.    

      Below are some of the suggestions that I had for her:  

  •  Be confident when you ask for the money
  • Ask for the top of your range
  • Ask for the salary in a year range. For example: instead of asking for $20 per hour, ask for a salary within $38,000 - $45,000
  • If you have been with the company for a while and are willing to be with them for the long term; tell them so
  • Your previous experience adds to and does not take away, and you should be compensated for it
  • Negotiate no more than twice.
  • If you’ve agreed to a certain amount than stand by it.
  • Be willing to walk away.