Top 3 Viewed Videos on My YouTube Channel (Video)

I've compiled a list of the top 3 watched YouTube videos on my channel. Hopefully, this will help you to get a little break from your work and learn something new. 

1. This video is at number 1 with 4,823 views. It explains how the first hour of my day starts and I'm convinced if you do these steps then when the curveballs come they will not stress you out. 

2. This is a video I made about the 3 hardest things to learn as a Unit Secretary. It was my first ever Number 1 ranking on YouTube, so it's kind of neat looking back at all those years ago! 4338 views for this particular one - not too shabby considering how long ago it was published...

3. I'm still shocked at how fast this video rose to the top. Sitting a number 3 with 3,206 views, I talk about my one day working in the Emergency Room.

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Men In Healthcare (Video)

So I saw this article titled Men in nursing: Shattering Stereotypes and Carving Out Opportunities in Becker's Hospital Review.

I was asked by a viewer on my YouTube channel if the medical field had a lot of men there and I explained to him that there are men working in every aspect of the hospital. 

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.  



Where Can I Go to Get Training to Become a Unit Secretary (VIdeo)

There are many options for training to become a unit secretary, including online courses and on-the-job learning opportunities. 

There is no shortage of opportunities for training in becoming a Unit Secretary. Training for this position can be found all over the country. 

What type of training is needed to become a unit secretary?

Most people think that secretarial skills are only required for office jobs, but this isn't true! You'll need some serious organizational abilities in order to take on the role effectively. A good way would be taking a course through your local college or university—it might even give you practical experience working with files as well so it will feel more immersive than just watching videos alone at home...

As a unit secretary, you will need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order for your work to be effective. This includes being able to think on their feet when responding or dealing with issues that arise during the course of running an entire department from start to finish! 

In addition, it is important not only to communicate well but also to listen carefully so my fellow staff members feel heard at all times as we tackle challenges together. 


Nursing Station Etiquette (Video)

When you're a unit secretary, it is important that your basic nursing station etiquette reflects the professional image of yourself and others. The following are some examples:

First. Keep in mind is the fact there are many people who rely on your daily tasks and duties so they can get their work done efficiently without any hiccups or complications along the way! This means we must all strive for excellence at our jobs which will lead to more productivity when completing these responsibilities effectively - not only by following proper procedures but also by listening carefully during conversations between staff members and taking notes if needed. 

Second. Never hesitate to offer to help when needed.

Third. This may sound like common sense- keep your voice down while at work so that others can do the same thing without being distracted by loud noises or conversations nearby. The number one complaint in the hospital from the patients is the amount of noise that they hear. 

Fourth. Straighten up after yourself when finished with tasks at work. 

Fifth. Put away personal items once finished with them so that they do not distract from what's happening around YOU. 

Remember to be professional and courteous when you're on duty. You never know who will walk onto the unit!


PCA/Unit Secretary Job Requirement (Video)

The PCA/Unit Secretary position is a hybrid of two positions. It combines the duties and responsibilities of both the PCA and the Unit Secretary.

In this video, I'll explain what the PCA/Unit Secretary does.