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Being Subpoenaed as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

I recently received a subpoena while working as a Health Unit Coordinator. I was subpoenaed because my name was on the chart and they wanted to speak with everyone whose name appeared on it. The case was from a patient who was in our hospital a few years ago. Needless to say, I didn't remember anything about the case.

I went to the predeposition with the hospital's attorney which was an eye-opener. He was pointing to the printed chart and was asking me why did I do this and why did I do that. I answered honestly and truthfully.

He then explained to me what to expect from the real deposition. In the end, I wasn't required to show up because my involvement with the patient was zero and my name appearing on the chart was for documentation.


All Health Unit Coordinators Do Is Just Answer the Telephone (Video)

Nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators all seem to think that all health unit coordinators do is answer the telephone. And part of the reason for that thinking is because that's all some of us do!

Stepping us and doing more is what is required to remove that stigma from us.  


Healing and the Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

 As you all know, I had an issue with my heart a few years ago. I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. 

But being a woman of faith and working in the medical field, I chose to not let it control me or break me, but instead, I chose, with the help of God to defeat it.  

And I believe I did.

I wrote about it in my booklet titled Healing is Mine. End of Discussion. 

Today, I’m talking to you about it. 


Violence and the Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

Violent patients, visitors, and family is something that anyone in the medical field will have to deal with.

It might be expected from patients whose mind may be altered by medication that they were given. We all know those patients who claim to see bugs crawling on the ceiling or see someone over in the corner.

But getting verbal threats and physical contact from family and visitors is totally unacceptable.

With the rise of active shooters in the country, it is important, more now than ever to be vigilant and know when to call security.

Or when to call the police. 


Doctors and the Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

The doctor and Health Unit Coordinator’s relationship is one of mutual respect …or at least it should be.

I’ll explain in the video below about my relationships with the doctors that I’ve worked with - the unprovoked run-in and the medical meltdowns. 


The Workplace Bully and the Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

Are you currently dealing with a workplace bully? How are you handling it?

Being bullied by anyone at any time should not be tolerated and should be handled by management immediately. 

Let me tell you a story about a workplace bully…..