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Weird and Strange Stuff Happens Here (Video)

Is there a hospital room on your unit where strange and weird stuff happens all the time?

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out and Have the Perfect Interview as a Unit Secretary (Video)

In this video, I talk about how to make your resume stand out and how to have a great interview. 

The Resume:
  • If you have work experience that varies from field to field, then create two separate resumes. I have a professional resume that lists my medical experience and a retail resume that lists the jobs when I worked at Eckerd’s, BP Gas Station, Winn-Dixie and many, many more.
  • Any job that you’ve worked less than six months, should not be included, unless, it’s relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • Your resume should not include any job that is over 10 years unless it is relevant for the job that you are applying for.
  • List your accomplishments on your resume. Were you on a committee at a previous job? List it. Did you train new employees? List that too.
  • List all software that you know how to use. Microsoft Excel? Salesforce? You know the drill. Put it on there.

The Interview:
  • If called for an interview, do not schedule it for the next day. Give yourself two days or more to get yourself together. Get your hair done/haircut. Get new shoes/purse/accessories. Make sure you have copies of your resumes printed. You need to be dressed for business.  
  • Be prepared to take a typing test.
  • If you are still employed somewhere else and they ask you why you want to leave you can say something along the lines of “I would like a change of scenery” or “I would like a new challenge”.
  • Do not go in there desperate or too eager. Instead, you need to be confident.


Why Do Patients Leave the Hosiptal Against Medical Advice? (Video)

There are many reasons why a patient would want to leave the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice).

Watch the video above to find out why.


Transferring Calls as a Unit Secretary (Video)

There are two types of ways to transfer a telephone call.

  1. A warm transfer is when the Unit Secretary notifies the Nurse of a call and the reason for the call before transferring it.
  2. A cold transfer is when the Unit Secretary sends the call through without notifying the nurse.

There are some scenarios where either one of the options is necessary. Learn more in the video above.

Being Micromanaged as a Unit Secretary (Video)

There are two reasons as to why the Charge Nurse would micromanage a Unit Secretary.

  1. The Unit Secretary is not doing their job
  2.  The Charge Nurse is just the type of person who likes to micromanage people


Telling Time as a Unit Secretary (Video)

Hospitals use military time when it comes to documentation. It was first used to keep medication errors from happening. Questioning whether or not a life-saving medication is supposed to be given at 9:00am or 9:00pm is not something anyone wants to ponder.

So to keep that from happening, hospitals use military time, which documents 9:00am as 0900 and 9:00pm as 2100. 

Now I'm not saying that medication errors no longer happen. If it does, it's because of human error and not time error. 

Staffing Issues and the Unit Secretary (Video)

There are three reasons why there is a staffing issue in hospitals. 

  1. There is a large segment of secretaries who are nearing retirement age.
  2. There is a large segment of secretaries who are working as a secretary while they are in nursing school, etc.
  3. Hospital administration feels that all we do is answer the telephone. 
In the video above I will discuss all of this.


What's in the Back of the Book? Steps to Becoming a Medical Secretary (Video)


In the video above, I explain what's in the back of the book......