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Telling Time as a Unit Secretary (Video)

Hospitals use military time when it comes to documentation. It was first used to keep medication errors from happening. Questioning whether or not a life-saving medication is supposed to be given at 9:00am or 9:00pm is not something anyone wants to ponder.

So to keep that from happening, hospitals use military time, which documents 9:00am as 0900 and 9:00pm as 2100. 

Now I'm not saying that medication errors no longer happen. If it does, it's because of human error and not time error. 

Staffing Issues and the Unit Secretary (Video)

There are three reasons why there is a staffing issue in hospitals. 

  1. There is a large segment of secretaries who are nearing retirement age.
  2. There is a large segment of secretaries who are working as a secretary while they are in nursing school, etc.
  3. Hospital administration feels that all we do is answer the telephone. 
In the video above I will discuss all of this.


What's in the Back of the Book? Steps to Becoming a Medical Secretary (Video)


In the video above, I explain what's in the back of the book......


Work Shifts and the Unit Secretary

The work hours for a Unit Secretary varies. When I first started (a long time ago) I worked 3pm-11pm, 5 days a week. Towards the end of my working there, they started phasing in 12 hours shifts (7am-7pm or 7pm-7am, 3 days a week).

There were a few Unit Secretaries who worked 4 days a week (two 12 hour shifts, and 2 8 hour shifts).

But as of today, I think most of the Unit Secretaries work three 12 hour shifts per week.

Put in the comments below what state you live in and what shift you work.

Stop Saying "I Don't Know" as a Unit Secretary (Video)

If your answer to any question that is asked of you at work is "I don't know", then it might be time for you to start looking for a new job.

You are officially over it.

Automatically saying "I don't know," shuts down any conversation that the person is trying to have with you.

But if it's just a bad habit that you have, then I list a few phrases for you to use instead.

7 Things That Unit Secretaries Are Expected to Do (Video)

There are some things that Unit Secretaries are expected to do.

1. Enter written orders
2. Call in consults
3. Answer the telephones
4. Answer the call lights
5. Request food trays for the patients
6. Enter work order requests
7. Direct visitors

6 Things That Unit Secretaries Do Not Do (Video)

There are some things that Unit Secretaries are not allowed to do.

1. Give medications
2. Draw blood*
3. Lift patients*
4. Reposition patients*
5. Perform CPR*
6. Provide post mortem care*

*Side note. There are some Unit Secretaries who are also certified as a CNA/PCA, so some of these no-no’s, they may be able to perform.