7600 People Bought Fake Nursing Diplomas, Operation Nightengale


Operation Nightengale, an investigation exposing the activities of a group of nurses in America, has revealed that 7600 people purchased fake nursing diplomas. 

The diplomas were sold for profit, allowing the people to sit in front of the nursing board and possibly get nursing jobs. 

This alarming discovery shines a light on the dangers posed by healthcare workers acting unethically in ways that could ultimately risk the lives of hospital patients around the country. 

I hope I don't know any of these people, but I probably do, as this scheme took place in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and Texas. 


How I Feel....



Chat GPT and the Unit Secretary (Video)


CHATGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that healthcare organizations may incorporate into their systems. 

As a unit secretary, I cannot help but be intrigued by the potential impact this technology will have on our role and its future. Beyond facilitating clerical processes such as record-keeping and documentation, CHATGPT could make completing many of the clinical tasks currently handled by medical secretaries more efficient and accurate. 

That would make life easier for healthcare administrators and patients and relieve some of the pressure on personnel in the field. 

While there are still many kinks to work out before this technology can completely replace existing workflows, it looks like CHATGPT could be an important part of a transforming healthcare landscape in the near future.

But should Unit Secretaries be concerned about this program taking their job? I'll explain this in the video above. 


What's Going On With Damar Hamlin? (Video)


Damar Hamlin recently underwent a terrifying incident on the football field, suffering a cardiac arrest and needing CPR. Fortunately, the medical staff was able to jump into action and apply CPR quickly enough that they repaired his heartbeat while rushing him to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Now, he is in the ICU, sedated while receiving the best care possible. 

As someone with experience as a Unit Secretary in the CVICU, I can confidently say that his medical team is providing top-quality services. Let me explain to you what is happening to him in the ICU.


The Vaccine Mandate For The Military Ended | Will Healthcare Be Next? (Video)

The vaccine mandate in the military was recently rescinded, sparking conversation about whether other mandatory policies, such as healthcare, could follow. 

Vaccinations have become commonplace in healthcare due to the need for universal protection from potentially deadly diseases. 

Despite this, there is an uprising amongst healthcare professionals who believe that vaccination should remain a choice for all citizens. 

Thus, it will be interesting to observe if any changes are made across other sectors of American healthcare following the exemption given within America's military. 

Check out the video below, and feel free to leave a comment.