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Will You Take The Coronavirus Vaccine?

Some hospitals might mandate their employees to take the vaccine, just like some require them to take the flu shot.

Last year I made a video talking about whether you should take the flu shot.

I think the pushback and the fight will be even more vicious if the Coronavirus Vaccine is required simply because people are highly suspicious of this virus and its numbers (people testing positive, or dying) and because it hasn’t been tested long enough.

And do not think that hospitals will not try to force their employees to get the vaccine. Hospitals depend on Medicare money, and if Medicare says everyone has to take it, then the medical facility might do what they say.

What Comes After the Pandemic? The 6 Stages of a Disaster (Video)

The pandemic that we are seeing didn't just happen overnight. Anytime that there is a "disaster" there are phases to it.

  1. Pre-disaster Phase
  2. Impact Phase
  3. Heroic Phase
  4. Honeymoon Phase
  5. Disillusionment Phase
  6. Reconstruction Phase

In this video, I'll explain what those phases are and how they apply to those in the medical field, in the United States and in the world.  

The Coronavirus and the DNR Ethical Dilemma (Video)

Hospitals across the country - and the world - are having to face an ethical question when faced with this pandemic and a shortage of ventilators and PPE. Who lives and who dies?

I also talk about how some medical facilities are conducting temperature checks on visitors and employees, and how the Governor of Florida is ordering all residents fleeing New York to Florida to self-quarantine for 14 days. Let’s see how well this turns out. 

The Coronavirus and the Unit Secretary (Video)

In this video, I talk about everything that I'm seeing as this outbreak continues. 

Should I Take the Flu Shot as a Unit Secretary? (Video)

Should you take the flu shot as a Unit Secretary? It is ultimately up to you, but you must be prepared for the consequences if you do not.

If the hospital that you work at requires it and you refuse to take the shot, then you might be out of a job (some places may require you to wear a mask while you’re in the hospital).

If you have religious or health objections you may be able to get around it, but it’s all strictly a case by case situation.

So, decide long and hard what you want to do.