Typing Skills (Excerpt From Steps to Becoming a Medical Secretary)


    When I applied for the job as a medical secretary, I had to take a typing test. Now I already knew how to type because I am a writer, but I still had to take the test. And depending on the company you are applying to; you may have to meet a 35-wpm typing requirement. 

         The typing test will measure your typing speed, your proficiency, your comprehension, and your spelling. The typing test may also test your knowledge of Word and Excel.

      This is necessary because you may be called upon to type up memos or flyers or to track and input information into a spreadsheet.

        Also, a lot of hospitals are going paperless, so knowing how to work a computer is a must.

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Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job as a Unit Secretary? (Video)

Getting a job as a unit secretary in a hospital is hard! Whether you have prior experience or not, it is tough getting a job. 

Some of my suggestions to work around this is to:

  • Apply to work per diem to get your foot in the door
  • Apply at another type of medical facility like a Skilled Nursing facility, Rehabilitation Facility, Nursing Home, etc.
  • Apply for another job within the hospital that will get you in. For example, I knew a guy who was a Unit Secretary at the rehab facility right next to the hospital, but he could not get a job as a unit secretary in the hospital. So, he took a job as a transporter. He had to wait for six months before he could apply for the position, but hey he was in.

I offer more suggestions in the video above.

Giving Report to the Oncoming Shift (Video)

The primary reason why you should give/receive a report to the oncoming/off going shift is to facilitate continuity of care. Nurses do it all day, every day, all over the world.

Just give a quick update, nothing major of what is going on with the unit and the patients. Give your fellow Unit Secretaries a heads up on how their day can potentially go.

Maintaining Hazard Free Work Environment (Video)

There are ways you can help keep your unit hazard-free.

Place wet floor signs on the floor if you spot anything spilled on the floor. Of course, you should try to wipe it up first.

Make sure the hallways are equipment free. Usually, the only thing you will see plugged in the hallway are mobile blood pressure machines that the CNAs use when they are attending to the patients and a COW (computer on wheels).
Make sure that small garbage cans are out of the walkway and are tucked under the counter at the nursing station. 

Getting Charts Ready for Medical Records (Video)

When a patient is discharged and you break down the chart, where do you keep the paperwork for Medical Records to come and get?

I’ll give you a hint in the video above.