Reasons Why Staff Are Quitting The Medical Field (Video)

I watched a cable news program, and they talked about how doctors and nurses were quitting because of the Coronavirus. But I personally think that the Coronavirus just exposed what hospital staff has been feeling for years. In this video, I breakdown what I think these feelings are.

  • Not enough staff
  • Bullying by coworkers
  • Abusive patients and family members
  • Not enough PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Coronavirus Vaccine
One thing that I forgot to add in the video was burnout. Burnout is so real in the medical field. There is a part of you that loves the medical field, but your mind and body say enough.

3 Signs You're a Good Unit Secretary (Video)

These are the 3 ways that you can tell that you are a good Unit Secretary.

  1. You are always in control and can make decisions without being micromanaged. 
  2. You leave no one to wonder where to get information.
  3. And you understand that there are ALOT of different personalities in a hospital and you can work with them all. 

Hospital Hackers and the Unit Secretary

One of the things that I constantly stress is to know how to continue the workflow when the computers go down.

Recently, Universal Health Services was attacked with malware, which affected all of its 250 facilities. 

Employes described a chaotic scene as this attack delayed patient care. Doctors reverted back to handwritten orders. Lab results crept along, and the wait time was long in the Emergency Room. 

You do not want this to be you. It's time to be prepared. 

Death During the Pandemic (Video)

Everything that we were used to before the pandemic has changed. 


  •  A patient dies
  • Their body is cleaned, and sent to the morgue - or -
  • Their body is washed and prepared for the funeral home to come and pick up the body
  • The unit staff continues to work. 
  • The family makes funeral arrangement and the friends and family comes and pays their final respects to the deceased.  


  • A patient dies from the Coronavirus.
  • There is minimum contact with the body.
  • The staff calls the family to let them know that the patient is deceased and asks for the name of a funeral home.
  • The patient's body is moved to the morgue.
  • The family quickly makes modified funeral arrangments, whether it's a church funeral, a graveside funeral, or cremation. 
  • There are very few friends and family to pay their respects for many reasons: health issues, afraid to travel by air, or other reasons. 

Celebrities and the Unit Secretary (Video)

When the news broke early Friday morning that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were both diagnosed with the Coronavirus, people worldwide were concerned. 

When the President was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, people worldwide become troubled. 

Unit Secretaries must remember that President Trump, the leader of the free world, is also a celebrity and a person. His medical information and privacy should be everyone's number one priority. 

Pop Quiz Friday

A ______________ is when a doctor write an order for a referral to a Specialist.

  1. Conference

  2. Conversation

  3. Consultation

Place your answer in the comment section below.

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Pop Quiz Friday


Where do we document the date and time when a patient arrives or departs a unit?

  1. ADT bok (Admission/Death/Transfer book)

  2. ADT book (Admission/Discharge/Transfer book)

  3. ADT book (Admission/Deliver/Transmit book)

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