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Musical Phones (Video)


"Let me transfer your call."

What goes through your mind when you hear those words? Do you have visions of being placed on hold, waiting for someone else to come on the line, repeating what you just said, and then hearing one more time, "Let me transfer your call?"

Feelings of frustration set in and your confidence in the company you dialed begins to diminish. It's a game of musical phones played to a tune that no one enjoys.

If you don't like being transferred from person to person over the phone, the visitors don't care for it either. There are several ways to transfer callers without creating more problems along the way.

  • Listen to the caller's issue. Even if you think you know immediately what people want and who can help them, hear them out. Don't interrupt. You could learn something that will change your mind about how to handle the call.
  • Avoid saying the word "transfer." Tell people that you need to "send" their call to another department or employee. Offer to "connect" them or "put them through" to someone else. Using a different term can save your callers undue anxiety and fellow employees from dealing with edgy customers.
  • Check to be sure that the person to whom you are sending the call is available. Your customer will not be happy if the call unexpectedly goes through to a voice mailbox. If you know that the person who can help is not in, ask before transferring callers to voice mail. They may prefer another route.
  • Verify that you have the right person before connecting the call. If you aren't certain, ask the caller to wait while you check.
  • Give your caller the name and the direct number of the person you are directing the call. That way, if there is a disconnect, your customer knows whom to ask for when they call back. If you can stay on the line and make an introduction, that is all the better. This is called a “warm transfer.”
  • If you want to provide customer service that will delight your callers, offer your name and number and invite people to call you back if their needs are not met or their questions are not answered. Thoughtfully and carefully transferring calls reflects positively on your entire organization and will eliminate musical phones.

All Health Unit Coordinators Do Is Just Answer the Telephone (Video)

Nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators all seem to think that all health unit coordinators do is answer the telephone. And part of the reason for that thinking is because that's all some of us do! 

Stepping us and doing more is what is required to remove that stigma from us.  

All Health Unit Coordinators Do Is Answer The Telephone (Video)

Within the last few months, a fellow Health Unit Coordinator, who works the night shift, has been repeating the following statement, "If they think that all that we do is answer the telephone than that's all I'm going to do. "

It was bothering her that the nurses only wanted her there to answer the telephone. If they needed something from another department, they called. They called in their own consults. They called the answering service to get a call back from the doctor. They were showing her that they didn't need her, but if there were no HUC scheduled to work, they would have a fit.    

Every time she made that comment, I would shake my head until I realized that I had heard the Manager and the Director saying the same thing!

But I bust my ass at work, and I've been told multiple times that they love when I work, and they get a little territorial and jealous when I have to float to another floor. 

Hospitals are trying to improve their budget by eliminating the HUC position but then back down from the outcry from the nurses on the unit.

Or they will try to cross-train the PCAs/CNAs to do the HUC's job because they think that all we do is "answer the telephone."

The experience that we bring to the table for these organizations are immeasurable, and it made me a little upset when I realized what the Manager and Director had said. 

I feel that my coworker should address the issue with management because I don't think that they don't want a HUC. 

I think that they don't want her.