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Your Tone | Self Awareness (Video)

How you speak to people says a lot about you. 

The way you interact with one coworker will be different than the way you interact with someone else.

Your tone can be blunt. And it is because you make statements and you don't ask. For example, you'll say "I'm going to lunch" not "Is it okay if I go to lunch?" and because of that, some people take that as mean. But that's not your intention. You're just speaking your truth. And sometimes the truth can be hard for people to hear. 

But if you notice how your words are received, you can adjust accordingly and make sure that your message is coming across the way that you want it to.

The 3 Secrets Of Wow Customer Service


Your aim in giving your visitors exceptional service is to make them say "Wow!" as soon as you disappear. You can do that if you make the following three tips apart of your regular pattern of service.

1. Give The Visitors Plenty of Strokes. People love to be stroked. Strokes can include any greeting, the use of people's names, and good wishes of the "Have-a-nice-day" kind. But the best stroke you can give others is your undivided attention.

2. Attend To The Little Things. Paying attention to the little things which don't significantly affect the main service is a way of saying: "If we look after the little things, just think what we'll do with the big ones."

3. Always Say "Yes." Excellent customer service never turns down a request for help. Even if they can do it themselves, they'll know that you are someone who can help them.

Practice these three responses until they are as familiar to you as breathing, and you are guaranteed to have customers queueing up for your attention.