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Doctors Behaving Badly? (Video)

A recent survey of physicians asked respondents to rate their colleagues on a number of different qualities. The results revealed that doctors are highly satisfied with their colleagues. 

However, there are some areas where improvement is needed. For example, respondents said that their colleagues could improve their bedside manner. Additionally, a significant number of doctors said that their colleagues could be more patient and better listeners. 

While the survey results indicate room for improvement, they also suggest that physicians are generally satisfied with the quality of care they receive from their colleagues.

How To Deal With Rude Doctors and Nurses (Video)

The number one problem in healthcare today is doctor and nurse etiquette. Nurses often have a hard time dealing with rude doctors, whereas physicians can be very unpleasant to deal with due to low payments from Medicaid/Medicare which is causing them much higher overhead costs.

There are many ways to deal with a doctor or nurse who is rude. One way, for example, would be not taking any notice of their manners and just carrying on as normal in order to ignore them until they're finished talking. Another option might involve being respectful but also firm about demands made on you. 

In all cases, it is best to remain calm and collected. In other instances when hospitals staff members seem more approachable than others, you may be able to explain to them how they can better communicate with you. 

It's important that we all work together and remember that we are here for the patients.

Reasons Why Staff Are Quitting The Medical Field (Video)

I watched a cable news program, and they talked about how doctors and nurses were quitting because of the Coronavirus. But I personally think that the Coronavirus just exposed what hospital staff has been feeling for years. In this video, I breakdown what I think these feelings are.

  • Not enough staff
  • Bullying by coworkers
  • Abusive patients and family members
  • Not enough PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Coronavirus Vaccine
One thing that I forgot to add in the video was burnout. Burnout is so real in the medical field. There is a part of you that loves the medical field, but your mind and body say enough.

Doctors and the Unit Secretary (Video)

The doctor and Health Unit Coordinator’s relationship is one of mutual respect …or at least it should be.

I’ll explain in the video below about my relationships with the doctors that I’ve worked with - the unprovoked run-in and the medical meltdowns.