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How to Take Care of People Who Come to the Nursing Station (Video)

Every day, you will have people approaching you at the nursing station. Listed below are something that you should do to assist them.  

  • Make eye contact with the person and smile. 
  • Ask what brought them to a nursing station, listen carefully while they talk about their concerns or problems, and offer to help if you can. Be mindful of how you are interacting so far - do not interrupt. 
  • Escort them to a location if you know that the directions are confusing. You know the hospital's layout better than them, and walking them to another unit or correct department is the right thing to do.  
  • If you can assist in getting them a book or phone charger, or a clean blanket or towels. 
  • Follow up, if you can, to see if they need anything else. 

Abandoned Patients in the Hospital (Video)


Visitors and the Unit Secretary (Video)

Visitors are something that all Unit Secretaries will have to deal with. We are the first people that they encounter.

And there are some scenarios that, from time to time, we usually must deal with.

1. A lot of visitors all at once.
2. Visitors wanting to stay overnight.
3. Kicking visitors out/off the unit.