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When Do You Go to Human Resources as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)


Conflict is bound to happen when you have multiple people from different backgrounds, all coming together in a stressful environment. But when issues become problems, you may have to take it all the way to the top.

So, when do you go to Human Resources? When you have used your chain of command and have spoken with your immediate supervisor, manager, or director and the problems have not been addressed or ceased.

Put it in writing. You cannot go down to HR, all mad and emotional. You must type up everything that has been going on from start to finish. You need to include names and dates of the incidents when you spoke to your immediate supervisor and the outcome of that discussion, and the name of dates of any further incidents.

Directors do not like being asked to explain why there is conflict amongst employees that they are not handling. And HR departments do not like receiving letters from unhappy employees that include the words “harassment” “bullying,” or “retaliation.”