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Hospital Burnout Before and After the Pandemic (Video)

I made a video earlier this year talking about why people were leaving the medical field. This article that I saw on Becker's Hospital Review basically reinforced what I was saying. Burnout did start when the pandemic started; it was already there. 

Pre-pandemic, healthcare had its lowercase burnout and uppercase burnout. 

Uppercase burnout is the textbook term coined in 1974 by American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, Ph.D., for the stress and exhaustion felt by those in service professions that make it tough to cope. In 2017, CEOs of the nation's most prominent health systems categorized burnout among physicians as a public health crisis and outlined an 11-step response. In 2019, the World Health Organization finally included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases, describing it as "a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." Uppercase burnout is both a condition and a studied, well-known public health threat, like driving without a seatbelt. Read more here

Catching Hell as a Unit Secretary (Video)

One theme that I keep seeing in my YouTube channel's comment section is from new Unit Secretaries and their work frustrations.  

And I'm not talking about the normal stress that comes with working at a hospital. I'm talking about the extra pettiness from other co-workers. 

After seeing one too many of them, I said to myself, "These new secretaries are catching hell."

So I made a video explaining why this may be happening and what they can do about it. 

Watch the video above and feel free to add your comments below. 

Frustration at Work and the Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

Are you frustrated at work? You're not alone. In my eBook, I Hate My Job, But I'm Scared to Leave, I list steps on how to cope. 

In the video below, I share some of those tips.

I Don't Want To Be a Health Unit Coordinator Anymore

I've been feeling this way for some time now. There were times where I thought that I'm working way too hard at work, and that I'm the only one working.

So I had to ask and answer a few questions. Should I leave? No. Do I want to be here? Yes/No. Am I burnt out? No. Is my personal life interfering with my work life? No. Am I frustrated? Yes. Do I see the light at the end of the tunnel? Yes.

I decided to reread the booklet I wrote titled I Hate My Job, But I'm Scared to Leave, and I had to apply some of the techniques.

  • Appreciate that you are gainfully employed. I had to remind myself that I am gainfully employed and have been at this company for over six years.
  • Update your resume. I updated my resume, and my former coworker called me about a job opening that her new employer had.  
  • Change your schedule. I changed my work schedule that I had been working for three years. Some people weren't happy and even questioned me as to who was going to work that day. "Not me," is all I said.  
  • Use your proper chain of command. A coworker is annoying, and most of the other employees can't stand her, but they tolerate her. I don't tolerate annoying people. I ignore them. And she doesn't like that, so every now and then I have to defend myself against her lies. And that's when I do my chain of command.  
  • Take some time off. I've started scheduling my vacation every 12 weeks. Extra-long stretches of being inside of a hospital aren't healthy for me.  I love where I work, and I believe there are some great things in store, even though it is merging with another company. And after taking some time to myself, I realized that I want to learn more. I feel stagnant. I'm too comfortable, and that's not me. I don't want to look up 20 years from now and have regrets. So, I decided to enroll in a class to enhance my medical secretary skills. I'm going to take advantage of evening classes. A coworker even told me that they could see me running an office and not just a unit.

So, I realized that learning more doesn’t require me to leave. All I have to do is freshen up on skills that I already have and get out there and just do it.

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