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How Hospitals Can Keep Their Employees During the Great Resignation (Video)

The average hospital loses a percentage of its employees every year. That's a lot of money and time spent training new people! 

According to Addam Marcotte with FMG Leading, hospitals can keep their employees during the Great Resignation by not just offering them a retention bonus or pay increase, but by becoming a great place to work and giving their employees a way to hone their skills, develop their career, and grow in leadership. 


Taking Sides as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

As a new Health Unit Coordinator, you may face an issue of your coworkers trying to get you to take sides in their ongoing conflicts.  

As a trainer of HUC, I always made it my business to keep my bias against the nurses, PCAs/CNAs, etc. to myself. I want the new HUC to decide on their own who they should call a friend and who they should call foe.