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Are the Health Unit Coordinators Trained Properly? (Video)

This is the story of how I became a Health Unit Coordinator.

I applied for the job online and was called in for an interview. Before I did the interview, I was required to take a typing test. I took the test and passed, and then I did the interview and got the job. 

For the first two weeks of the job, the rest of the new HUCs and I were in a room for eight hours of learning medical terminology. Once we passed the medical terminology course, we moved on to the unit that we were going to be working on and were put into a room to complete required Computer-Based Learning (CBLs), and then we were allowed on the floor to start our orientation.

Now, if you want to be a Unit Clerk, all you have to do is pass a background and drug test. And then you are sent to the floor for a rushed through orientation with multiple people. 

How can a new HUC process all of this information, some of it right and wrong, depends on who trained them?

How is that being trained properly?