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Zero Candidates Interviewing for ER Positions Where Nurse Called 911 (Video)

In the above video, we look at the disturbing story of one hospital having zero candidates interviewing for ER positions. What could be causing this problem? 

The current job market is tight, and many qualified candidates are vying for a limited number of jobs. This is especially true in the medical field, where the demand for skilled professionals is high. 

One possible cause is the nurse who called 911. The emergency room was overwhelmed with patients and was short-staffed. After calling, they sent over the Fire Department, who provided help via the EMTs. 

Another possible reason for the lack of interest in ER positions is the pay. Many hospitals are struggling to keep up with the rising healthcare costs, and they cannot offer competitive salaries. As a result, many potential candidates may be discouraged from applying for these positions. 

Whatever the cause, it is clear that this problem needs to be addressed urgently. The consequences of not having enough ER nurses are potentially dire, and action must be taken to ensure that hospitals have the staff they need.


The Consequences of Healthcare Staffing Shortages (Video)

America is facing a healthcare staffing crisis. With an aging population and an increase in chronic conditions, the demand for healthcare professionals will only continue to grow.

This video takes a look at the consequences of this staffing shortage. One significant impact is that patients will not promptly receive the necessary care. In addition, the quality of care will suffer as overworked staff members make mistakes. There will also be an increased risk of hospital-acquired infections as well-staffed hospitals cannot provide adequate cleaning and disinfection. The lack of staff will also lead to increased emergency room wait times and extended hospital stays. 

Ultimately, the healthcare staffing shortage will profoundly impact patient care in the United States.


Reasons Why Staff Are Quitting The Medical Field (Video)

I watched a cable news program, and they talked about how doctors and nurses were quitting because of the Coronavirus. But I personally think that the Coronavirus just exposed what hospital staff has been feeling for years. In this video, I breakdown what I think these feelings are.

  • Not enough staff
  • Bullying by coworkers
  • Abusive patients and family members
  • Not enough PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Coronavirus Vaccine
One thing that I forgot to add in the video was burnout. Burnout is so real in the medical field. There is a part of you that loves the medical field, but your mind and body say enough.


Staffing Issues and the Unit Secretary (Video)

There are three reasons why there is a staffing issue in hospitals. 

  1. There is a large segment of secretaries who are nearing retirement age.
  2. There is a large segment of secretaries who are working as a secretary while they are in nursing school, etc.
  3. Hospital administration feels that all we do is answer the telephone. 
In the video above, I will discuss all of this.