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Want to Be Apart of Something Important? (Video)

If you're new to the medical field, then being a Unit Secretary is your chance to be a part of a diverse group composed of doctors, nurses, and co-workers.

The workday will consist not only of typing documents but also clerical duties such as answering telephones and greeting visitors. 

Of course, being prepared for emergencies is always necessary, so knowing how to deal with pandemics or Code Blue is just some skill among many that you'll need to succeed here. 

Relationships are always meaningful in this line of work, so don't forget to keep up on connections within the different hospital departments! 

When a Hospital Unit Has 2 Secretaries (Video)

Although most Unit Secretaries work alone, some departments require two secretaries per shift every day.

For example, when I worked on the “Main Floor,” I was one of two secretaries no matter what day I worked. The floor also had secretaries per diem (meaning as needed), filling in the gap.

Another floor required two secretaries also, but because the unit could never keep their own staff, there were always “floats” there. Hence, the secretaries never worked together as one because they didn’t have that comradery.

But when I transferred to the “ICU,” I was the only secretary working during my shift.

The perks of having two sectaries per shift are:
They cover for each other during lunch
They are willing to switch shifts with each other
They can handle the unit if one of them is running late

Overall, they have each other’s back.