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What's Going On With Damar Hamlin? (Video)


Damar Hamlin recently underwent a terrifying incident on the football field, suffering a cardiac arrest and needing CPR. Fortunately, the medical staff was able to jump into action and apply CPR quickly enough that they repaired his heartbeat while rushing him to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Now, he is in the ICU, sedated while receiving the best care possible. 

As someone with experience as a Unit Secretary in the CVICU, I can confidently say that his medical team is providing top-quality services. Let me explain to you what is happening to him in the ICU.


What is Therapeutic Hypothermia? Inside the ICU when a Patient Suffers Cardiac Arrest (Video)

The rapper DMX had a heart attack after suffering a drug overdose. Some reports say that he is in critical condition on life support, some say he is breathing independently, and some are saying that he is brain dead. 

In the video above, I will tell you what I would see as a Unit Secretary when a person who suffered a heart attack arrived on the unit.