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Abandoned Patients in the Hospital (Video)


Hospital in Texas Facing Water and Heating Woes as the Winter Storm Rages (Video)


Whenever a hurricane was approaching Florida, I would volunteer to work during the hurricane because the hospital is the "safest place to be." When you really stop and think about it, a hospital is basically its own city. 

But when the state that you live in is catching hell and then the hospital starts to catch hell, well then...

My heart goes out to everyone suffering and I want to thank all of the Unit Secretaries all of the county who are doing their part to help in a time like this. 

Will Hospital Patient Visits Return to Normal in 2021?

This article asks a good question. Will the patient census return to normal in 2021. Those working in a hospital know that the usual suspects are also known as "frequent fliers" will never let a pandemic stop them from visiting the hospital. But what about everyone else?

Tell me what you think will happen this year? Click the link below and tell me what you think. Leave your comments below.