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7600 People Bought Fake Nursing Diplomas, Operation Nightengale


Operation Nightengale, an investigation exposing the activities of a group of nurses in America, has revealed that 7600 people purchased fake nursing diplomas. 

The diplomas were sold for profit, allowing the people to sit in front of the nursing board and possibly get nursing jobs. 

This alarming discovery shines a light on the dangers posed by healthcare workers acting unethically in ways that could ultimately risk the lives of hospital patients around the country. 

I hope I don't know any of these people, but I probably do, as this scheme took place in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and Texas. 


How To Deal With Rude Doctors and Nurses (Video)

The number one problem in healthcare today is doctor and nurse etiquette. Nurses often have a hard time dealing with rude doctors, whereas physicians can be very unpleasant to deal with due to low payments from Medicaid/Medicare which is causing them much higher overhead costs.

There are many ways to deal with a doctor or nurse who is rude. One way, for example, would be not taking any notice of their manners and just carrying on as normal in order to ignore them until they're finished talking. Another option might involve being respectful but also firm about demands made on you. 

In all cases, it is best to remain calm and collected. In other instances when hospitals staff members seem more approachable than others, you may be able to explain to them how they can better communicate with you. 

It's important that we all work together and remember that we are here for the patients.