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How Much Money Does a Unit Secretary Make? (Video)

As a unit secretary, your salary will be dependent on several factors. 

First, your work experience will be one of the most important factors, as more experienced secretaries can command higher salaries. 

The region you live in will also play a role, as the cost of living varies across the country. For example, secretaries in New York City will likely earn more than those in smaller towns. 

The state you live in may also affect your salary, as some states have higher average wages than others. 

Finally, the hospital you work at and your job duties will also impact your earnings. Larger hospitals and those with more complex unit structures will typically offer higher salaries. 

So, when considering a career as a unit secretary, keep these factors in mind. 

With experience and a bit of research, you can be sure to find a position that offers the salary you deserve.


Florida Hospital Can't Make Payroll (Video)

As any working person knows, getting a paycheck is essential to cover basic living expenses. So imagine the frustration and anxiety that Healthmark Regional Medical Center employees must be feeling, as it has now been more than a month since they were last paid. 

According to WMBB, the workers were last paid on April 22 and were supposed to be paid again on May 6. However, "due to circumstances beyond our control," funding wasn't available to cover their paychecks, according to a letter from hospital leadership. 

This is clearly unacceptable, and one can only hope that the hospital can find the funding necessary to pay its employees what they are rightfully owed. In the meantime, let's hope that the workers can find another way to meet ends.

This is an unacceptable situation that must be rectified immediately. The hospital's leadership is responsible for ensuring that their employees are paid for their work, and anything less is a gross failure of that responsibility.