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How to Take Care of People Who Come to the Nursing Station (Video)

Every day, you will have people approaching you at the nursing station. Listed below are something that you should do to assist them.  

  • Make eye contact with the person and smile. 
  • Ask what brought them to a nursing station, listen carefully while they talk about their concerns or problems, and offer to help if you can. Be mindful of how you are interacting so far - do not interrupt. 
  • Escort them to a location if you know that the directions are confusing. You know the hospital's layout better than them, and walking them to another unit or correct department is the right thing to do.  
  • If you can assist in getting them a book or phone charger, or a clean blanket or towels. 
  • Follow up, if you can, to see if they need anything else. 

Miami Book Fair International 2015 (Video)

I recently made my way down to the Miami Book Fair International, down in Miami, Florida, and had a good time.

It was my first time going, even though I’ve been in South Florida for almost four years now. I’ve always missed it because I would get the weekend mixed up! I would think it was on one weekend and it was actually the following weekend.

So, I made it my mission to get down there this year, and I did. I went down there with my nephew, Branden, and we had a good time listening to music and driving in Miami traffic (sarcasm).

My purpose of going down there was to take notes for when J Marie Booklets is a vendor.

Located on the campus of Miami Dade College, security was high, which it should be considering the world that we live in today, but the police were friendly. It was nice to see the food trucks representing, as well as the other food vendors. The food was good. 

It was nice to see C-Span there reporting live.

I even got a chance to take a picture with Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who was on C-Span earlier. I made my nephew Google him so that he could learn who he was and what he has done. 

It did begin to rain, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the book lovers.

Lulu, the self-publishing giant, had a booth there also.

It was just so lovely to see the booksellers and book lovers all in one place. I can’t wait until I have a booth there.