Nursing Station Etiquette (Video)

When you're a unit secretary, it is important that your basic nursing station etiquette reflects the professional image of yourself and others. The following are some examples:

First. Keep in mind is the fact there are many people who rely on your daily tasks and duties so they can get their work done efficiently without any hiccups or complications along the way! This means we must all strive for excellence at our jobs which will lead to more productivity when completing these responsibilities effectively - not only by following proper procedures but also by listening carefully during conversations between staff members and taking notes if needed. 

Second. Never hesitate to offer to help when needed.

Third. This may sound like common sense- keep your voice down while at work so that others can do the same thing without being distracted by loud noises or conversations nearby. The number one complaint in the hospital from the patients is the amount of noise that they hear. 

Fourth. Straighten up after yourself when finished with tasks at work. 

Fifth. Put away personal items once finished with them so that they do not distract from what's happening around YOU. 

Remember to be professional and courteous when you're on duty. You never know who will walk onto the unit!

PCA/Unit Secretary Job Requirement (Video)

The PCA/Unit Secretary position is a hybrid of two positions. It combines the duties and responsibilities of both the PCA and the Unit Secretary.

In this video, I'll explain what the PCA/Unit Secretary does.

How To Deal With Rude Doctors and Nurses (Video)

The number one problem in healthcare today is doctor and nurse etiquette. Nurses often have a hard time dealing with rude doctors, whereas physicians can be very unpleasant to deal with due to low payments from Medicaid/Medicare which is causing them much higher overhead costs.

There are many ways to deal with a doctor or nurse who is rude. One way, for example, would be not taking any notice of their manners and just carrying on as normal in order to ignore them until they're finished talking. Another option might involve being respectful but also firm about demands made on you. 

In all cases, it is best to remain calm and collected. In other instances when hospitals staff members seem more approachable than others, you may be able to explain to them how they can better communicate with you. 

It's important that we all work together and remember that we are here for the patients.

I Know This Woman.....(Video)

Yo! I know this lady who allegedly killed her husband. She's a former coworker, who just happened to be a unit secretary. She's in jail now, but when I tell you that I'm in shock......

What Are The Responsibilities of a Unit Secretary (Video)

Unit secretaries have the responsibility to compile lists of supplies and equipment for their departments. They also organize materials, plan events, help to maintain morale in the department, and provide support and guidance for their co-workers. 


What's in it for me?

The Unit Secretary will be the link between management and staff, ensuring a great way to use your people skills! The best part about this job is you're recognized as someone who can handle anything thrown at them by whoever walks onto the unit - even if they don't always show gratitude or appreciation.